David Yao

David Yao is a working cinematographer for short films and independent commercials starting in 2011 in Vancouver, Canada.

Before becoming a cinematographer, David was involved in the visual art medium as a painter for over 10 years since he was eleven years old. He attended Simon Fraser University to pursue the study in media and design.

In 2014, David graduated from Vancouver Film School, specializing in cinematography. Since then, he has being working as a cinematographer on dozens of short films for various directors. He also directed and shot independent commercials for different companies and organizations (Pacific Insight, Procurify, and Mazza Innovation Inc.) within Canada.

With his background in painting since young and later years of cinematography practices, David has developed the skills to appreciate visual beauty and to enhance the emotional power of visual story telling in film through lenses, colour, and light.




The 1st Wutai Mountain Global Short Film Competition – 2018
‘The Best Cinematography for Foreign Film’